door Prize contributors

It's with great community support that makes this event a success.  Many thanks to the businesses that support the 2017 Youth Expo through their product and service.  We are truly grateful. 

The Youth Expo

Building an event where kids can try everything

Door Prizes or a.k.a bucket draw

Prizes are provided by participating exhibitors and supporting local businesses.

Proceeds from prizes are used to financially support women and youth programs.  Last year revenue from the prizes financially funded 24 youth through their Firearms Safety and Hunters Safety Courses. 

How the Bucket Draw works

All prizes will be located in a designated area.  Each prize will be individually marked identifying the contributor and a description of the prize.  Each ticket is $1.00.  Place your ticket(s) in the bucket(s) you wish to win.  You MUST put your name and number on the back of the ticket.  The draws will begin at 3:00pm the day of the event.  The winning ticket for each prize will be posted immediately after the draw at the admissions table and on the Youth Expo Facebook page.  Winning tickets will be updated to the Youth Expo website within 24 hours.  Winners will have 30 days from the day of the draw to claim their prize(s).  If after 30 days prizes are not claimed they will be returned to the prize pool for the next event.

Complimentary Prizes

This year as Youth enter the event through admissions each Youth will have the opportunity to win a complimentary door prize.  Each Youth will pull a coloured tag from the bucket and the item matching the coloured tag is the prize.  Complimentary prizes have been provided by participating exhibitors and supporting local businesses. 

Complimentary prize contributors are:  

Hoo Rag, Marmac Athletics, Truro Police & Crime Stoppers, Roops Esso, Fundy Textiles, Vesey Seeds, Non Toxic Pest Control, Sobeys, Golden-Green, Cabelas, Bass Pro, Halifax Seed Company, MacQuarries, plant world.

Hinspergers Poly Industries

M.B.W Courier Inc

Evolution Sports

John Deer

Goodlife Fitness

Coca Cola


Hockey Nova Scotia

Canadian Tire Dartmouth

Halifax Watch Company


Young Guns

Take It Outside

Inglis Jewellers

Bass Pro Shops

Brookfield Golf and Country Club

Kent Truro

Beck & Boosh

Ski Wentworth

Pearl & Daisy

Wink Spa

Nova Trophy


Wix Filters

lyndia baird

Home Hardware Distribution Center

Central Equipment

Brookfield Athletic Association

Sport Chek


Jackie's Cafe


Brookfield Lumber BMR

Fundy Textiles

Non Toxic Pest Control

Hoo Rag

Halifax Seed

Vesey Seeds

Halifax Mooseheads

Mill Lake Outfitters

Plant World

Nova Truck Center

Leisure World

Studio Fit

Engine Room


Pro Cresting LTD

Staples Copy and Print Center

BUCKET DRAW WINNERS (including exhibitors

(If you have won a prize and have not had the opportunity to pick it up please email, FB message or Text us at 902-986-7010 to let us know.  We have set up locations in Brookfield and Truro for pick up spots.  We will make arrangements for out-of-towners.) 

Cabelas, Moncton:  Darren Dunlap, Coby Grant, Crystal McGuire, Brian Hubley

BMR:  Don Henderson, Geneva LeBlanc

Canadian Tire, Dartmouth:  Colby Mann, Judy Ettinger

Mill Lake Outfitters:  Marilyn Bruce

Halifax Police:  Kari Furmidge

Cobequid Wildlife Rehab Centre:  Bob White

Leisure Days RV Centre, Truro:  Dawn Carter Henderson

Cabelas:  Ava Nettleton, Dave Melanson

Canadian Tire, Dartmouth:  Oliver MacIvor

GoodLife Fitness, Truro:  Jasmine Atkinson, Alicia Vint, Samantha Fraser

MADD Canada:  Michelle Roddick

MacQuarries, Brookfield:  Kerri Veno, Tessa Kierstead, Dawn Marie, Dianna Scott, Mary T

Lids:  Todd Laffin

Walking Sticks:  Jennifer Oudemans

RECC:  Todd Laffin, Kevin Martell, Ally Burgess

Nova Truck Center:  Julie Walters

Limitless Dance:  Amanda Cornelius

WTH Bike:  Larry Rushton

Action Laser Tag:  Olivia Cameron

Inglis Jewellers:  Peter Dennis

Canadian Kayak Anglers:  Peter Dennis

Truro Cheer:  Becky B, Hope Roop

Enchanted Forest:  Jody Arenburg

Engine Room:  Mike Turner

Pearl & Daisy:  L. Grady

Ski Wentworth:  Mady Pugsley

Studio Fit:  Stephanie Mitchell

Kung Fu:  Holy Fitzgerald

Truro Police:  Paul Decoste

Road Worthy:  Rhonda, Becky B, Rhonda Smith

BAA:  J. Dickie

WTH Bike:  Megan Gobin

WTH Bike:  Hayden

Cobequid Spartans-Ella Mackinnon

CWTF:  Holly Fitzgerald

Bell Media:  Bryce Fraser

Hants West Wildlife Ass.:  Todd Laffin

Evolution sports:  Shannon Cunningham

Bike Monkey:  Sheldon Richardson

Brookfield Fire Department:  Sheldon Richardson

Colchester Waste Management:  Sheldon Richardson

Crossfit Hubtown:  Dawn Marie

Camp Courage:  Todd Laffin

Bass Pro:  Todd Laffin

Fog Off:  Darcie Marryatt

HAF:  Beth

Canadian Tire, Dartmouth:  Jason Faulkner

Cobequid Salmon Assoc. :  Ryan Anderson

Home Hardware Distribution Center:  Michelle Roddick

Halifax Watch Company:  Mike Matthews

Nova Scotia Youth Snowmobilers:  Logan Roop

Hockey Nova Scotia:  Ryan Dykers

Marion Price:  P. Henneberry

Bell Media:  Bryce

Hockey Nova Scotia:  Arabella Hayton

Northern Pulp:  Ed Leblanc

Pro Cresting:  Janice Peterson, Beth

MBW Courier:  Chris Lamont, Ally Burgess

Municipality of the County of Colchester:  Todd Laffin, Karen Kayes

Central Equipment:  Karla O'Leary

NSFAH:  Fran Power

WTH Sunglasses:  Daniel Patton, Todd Laffin, Paul Decoste, Rob

SpyPoint:  Josh Kolste

Hnatiuks:  Josh Kolste

4H:  Geoff Stewart

EMC:  Ed Lebalnc

Young Guns:  Melissa Millard

Kent, Truro:  Tiffany B

C&D Fishing:  G Duncan

Green Diamond, Onslow:  Ken

Parks Canada:  Keith Works, Sara Manthorne

Brookfield Golf and Country Club:  Ally Burgess, Keith Works

WTH Loungers:  Carole Fisher, Keith Works

Colchester ATV:  Brittany MacPhee

Beck & Boosh:  Kerri Veno

Take It Outside:  Alice Puglsey

Sportwheels:  Jasmine Atkinson

Halifax Sea School:  Holly Fitzgerald

Hinsberger:  Rob

Irving:  Jason Slaney, Ginette Cameron

Bible Hill Parks & Rec:  Becky B

Wink Day Spa:  Kerri Veno

Coca Cola:  Brookes Vantassel

Wix:  J. Dickie, J. Dickie, Carole

Crosman:  Cory Fitzgerald, Racheal Weagle

Adventure Smart:  Brent Harrison

Well Within:  Marg Harrison

St. John Ambulance:  Billie Jo Johnson

Trappers Association:  Cory Fitzgerald

Abstract Art:  Holly, Shane Kennedy, Jamie Works, Andrew, Ewen MacKinnon

Atlantic Cirque:  Ryan Anderson

Bass Pro:  Dave Peterson

Mooseheads:  Hunter Rogers

Royal Canadian Air Cadets:  Trudi White, Shane Kennedy

Hunting Basket Winner

Ticket # 447 Dan Monk (Bring FAC)

Fishing Basket

Ticket #1698 Mark Geddes

Eternity Chainsaw Carvings

Ruth Laveign

Jeremy Vance