Ben Tucker, 13 year musician

Shane Harte, Canada Hunts

Show Host -45°North,  Wild Pursuit Network

Born in Louisbourg, Nova Scotia, Shane began hunting the shores of Cape Breton with his father. He learned the art of hunting and the outdoor lifestyle at a young age, shooting his first duck when he was 10 years old. He quickly became hooked on the sport of waterfowl hunting and being in the outdoors.

Since then, Shane has numerous hours along the east coast shore line under his belt. The unpredictable North Atlantic makes hunting these birds a skill, paying close attention to the sea state, tide, and wind long before ever getting close to the ducks. His favorite duck to hunt is the Common Eider because of the patience and the understanding needed to anticipate their next move

Shane is a husband to his wife Lisa and a father of 2 girls Gracie and Allie Kate, and has another girl on the way in July. Shane is also an Advanced Care Paramedic working from Sydney station since 2005. On his days off he enjoys spending time with his family around Cape Breton Islands.

In 2018 Shane joined the team at Wild Pursuit Network and started to film some of his hunting adventures. His episode called 45 degrees North can be viewed on Canada Hunts East. Through his episodes he aimed to show the nation the beauty and various hunting opportunities that the Maritimes of Canada have to offer. Shane enjoys educating and guiding new outdoor enthusiasts on how enjoyable the outdoors can be if done safely.


Ben has been playing the guitar and drums since he was  5 years old.  He has grown up surround by great live music.  His taste ranges from classic rock, blues, hard rock, punk to pop.   He is a country kid who just loves music.  He attends Musquodoboit Rural high school where they have a fantastic music program. " I have been playing musical gigs with my father, my sister and friends for most of my life"  says Ben.  Ben's goal is to get his music out there and see what the music world has to offer him. 

Ben wants to thank his amazing mom for driving him everywhere and making him amazing food.  Ben is looking forward to being at the Youth Expo and the Youth Expo is super excited to have him.  Make sure to visit Ben and watch him riff some classics on his electric.  If you ask he may play some behind his head. 

Let us introduce Pam;
" What started as a passion for interior decorating and DIY has turned into a second full-time ‘job’ in my workshop.
I wanted to be able to create simple decor pieces for my home.
Having the ability to create a wall hanging, a piece of furniture - was a rewarding experience; it did not take long before I realized I was hooked. I found myself looking online for décor inspiration and I kept seeing pieces that I knew I had to build but based on my research I didn’t have the right tool at home - a scroll saw.

After some searching, I found a second hand saw on an online buy and sell – I grabbed my friend and we took a road trip to pick it up.
Within minutes of trying to use my saw, I realized this wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought; I spent over an hour trying to get my blade to stay in so I could cut something (I had no idea what I was doing).
I was so frustrated, but luckily, there are many great resources available out there if you look. After spending some time doing online research and asking other woodworkers for advice, I got the hang of it and quickly this became a part of my daily routine.

Now a year and a half later and a saw upgrade, I am spending my evenings and weekends creating artwork for local and international customers.
To keep things interesting I have started mixing materials into my pieces such as reclaimed wood, hardwoods, and metal.
Being able to add new features to my designs is very important to me; it allows me to be more creative and keep growing.
Each piece is cut, stained, and painted by hand. The process is not quick, but I love every step from start to finish.

If my high school shop teacher were to read this, he would be in disbelief. Tech Ed was not my strong point. Here’s the thing… deep down I wanted it to be.
My grandfather was a woodworker, I used to love checking out his shop in the basement and seeing the creations he would make. I absolutely loved watching any DIY show that I could find. The interest has always been within me, I was the one who stopped myself from trying.
My insecurities and anxiety about how I would look, the learning process, and if I would fail held me back from exploring my passion for the longest time.
Take my advice; do not let your self-doubts and worries hold you back from diving into your passion.

There is a quote by Wayne Gretzky that I often think about, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take".
If I had not have taken the first step to try woodworking, I could have missed finding this passion of mine.
Being uncomfortable is part of the learning process - it used to scare me or stop me from trying new things, but I have learned to embrace this stage and love it… this is where you grow.
If you have an interest in something, try it. Be kind to yourself and remember you probably will not be a pro the first time!
Make mistakes, ask questions, have fun, and keep pushing yourself.

Hard work and dedication pays off."

ONE idea!  One Idea can change a persons place in life.  The Youth Expo is thrilled to have the Truro & Colchester Chamber of Commerce participate as an exhibitor in the 2019 line up.  They are intent on motivating young minds and showcasing their work.  Local entrepreneurs and small business and the foundation of a strong, prosperous Nova Scotia.

Pam Sutherland, Scroll Saw Artist