The Dream Candy Organization.  A resource in your community.   Mental health considers the Dream Candy's program to be tier 2 service, which means it is preventative or early intervention for youth mental illness.

The Dream Candy Organization is firm in the belief that every child is unique, with skills, interests, and gifts unlike anyone else on the planet.  Regardless of the challenges any child faces, they believe he or she has infinite potential and can overcome any obstackle to create the sweet life of their dreams.

The team introduces youth to self-love and self-care practices that will help them thrive at the best of times and stay mentally strong and resilient in the worst of times.  They believe that peace is practice, and are committed to giving youth the tools and skills to develop and maintain a healthy, happy inner world. 

They focus on whole self-wellness practices like mediation, gratitude, creative and authentic expression, mindful eating and exercise and acts of kindness to self and others.  Through fun, developmentally appropriate and open ended activities youth explore self-love and self-care practices in a safe, inclusive space where they feel seen, heard and appreciated for who they truly are.